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Thanks for stopping by! Below you will find various third-party resources to help you learn more about the topics we covered in this week's training. The resources below are provided for your convenience only. Katie Rigsby makes no representations about the accuracy of the information contained on the websites/links provided. It is the sole responsibility of the of the end user to verify accuracy of all third-party information.  Katie Rigsby Inspires, LLC is not liable for the content on those websites or for updating downloads as information changes. The information is considered current as of the date the session is delivered.  

Training Workbook

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Session Resources & Links

Evaluate your listening skills.

Click on the icon below to access the personal reflection.

Property Tour Bingo

This is a great way to keep your prospective residents engaged during their tour of your property, as well as a tool you can use to help them envision themselves living in your community. Download the card I've created for you, or make your own for free using the Canva BINGO template.

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March 21st-23rd

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