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Katie offers educational sessions in person and via webinar. The webinars below are strictly related to working and operating in the midst of a pandemic. For alternative webinars, not related to COVID-19, please click here.

Webinar Title: “Stimulated Not Stir Crazy: How to Stay Motivated While Living in Uncertainty”

Webinar Length: 60 minutes

Audience: For Leasing, Management, Maintenance, Suppliers, Everyone!


Program Description: 

Working and living in isolation can be a major buzz kill. During times of uncertainty many people find themselves depressed, anxious or even angry, while others have nervous energy and are bursting at the seams. In this session, Katie will guide you through the steps of transferring your anxieties or nervous energy into motivation to help you be more creative and productive all while keeping a distance.


Key takeaways include:

-Identify your personal motivators and methods you can use to self-motivate

-Avoid becoming stir crazy by learning how to use your current energy in positive ways

-Learn how to be more productive and creative without overworking yourself


Webinar Title: "Fair Housing for Marketing and Social Media: Distancing Yourself from Potential Violations"
Webinar Length: 60 minutes

Audience: For Leasing, Management & Maintenance, 


Program Description: 

It is easy to get wrapped up in the challenges of social distancing and overlook industry obligations as we adjust to an alternative way of doing business. With most properties operating virtually, it is more important than ever that our corporate and onsite teams understand and comply with Fair Housing laws. A quick screenshot or social media share can easily expose a violation on our websites, advertising, social media and even during virtual interactions. Distance yourself from potential violations by joining Katie for this quick Fair Housing webinar where participants will:


- Gain understanding of Fair Housing guidelines for advertising and marketing

- Identify Fair Housing risks when posting and sharing on social media

- Learn how to avoid potential issues when interacting with customers virtually


Webinar Title: “The Long-Distance Relationship Sale: Building a Sales Relationship from 6+ Feet Away”
Webinar Length: 60 minutes

Audience: Leasing professionals, suppliers, property managers, assistant managers (anyone in a sales position)


Program description: 

Cultivating and maintaining trusting and loyal customer relationships from a distance can be a challenge for even the most experienced of sales professionals. The current constraints of COVID-19 have forced sales professionals to stay behind the desk (or should I say on the couch) and ultimately changing the dynamic of your customer relationships. Join Katie for an energy packed hour on making long-distance (sales) relationship work.  

Key takeaways include:

-Understanding the current needs of your clients

-Tips for staying on the forefront of your customer's minds

-Learning sales strategies that work from long-distance


Webinar Title: Quarantine Marketing: A brainstorming session to obtain and retain residents from a distance.

Webinar Length: 60 minutes

Audience: Leasing professionals, suppliers, property managers, assistant managers (anyone responsible for marketing)


Program Description: 

In this session Katie shares some key elements of successful digital marketing while leading the group in an active brainstorming session to inspire creativity and evoke active marketing strategies.

Key Takeaways Include:

-Learn best practices for digital marketing

-Understand the unique opportunities that are available right now

-Actionable Marketing Strategies

Check out a mini version of this session for free!

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