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Download the Packing Plan

Once you have identified your goals for each category of your journey, download The Packing Plan and prepare for life's journey!

In the first box, write the goal you have identified for the appropriate category. Remember, you may have different categories (more or less). Be specific about what you want and be sure to include your ideal achievement date.

Next, break your goal up into milestone goals (daily, weekly, monthly). For instance, if I have a goal to lose 10 lbs in six months, I may set a milestone of logging my food daily, doing 30 minutes of exercise 3xs a week and participating in some sort physical event each month (color race, hiking trip, kayak tour, etc.)

Now, identify the obstacles that may come up. Think about possible solutions or how you could handle these challenges. Being prepared for things to go wrong is just as important as preparing for them to go right!

Finally, identify at least one action item to get the ball rolling.

Review this plan monthly: Are you on track? Have your goals changed? Is there an obstacle that you didn't consider that now needs some attention? What is your new action item?

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