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Thank you for attending Katie's session! You can access the session handout and additional resources here. Please take a moment to complete Katie's session evaluation and to write a quick review. Your feedback is appreciated. 

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Resources & Reports


  • Occupancy: Community Manager Dashboard (Today's Occupancy) 

    • Affordable Entire Set > Unit Statistics

  • Box Score: Box Score / Occupancy

    • Custom Reports > Operations > Box Score Summary​

  • Scorecard: Property Performance Scorecard

    • Custom Reports > Scorecard (Dashboard Section) > Property Performance Scorecard​

  • GPR can be found in

    • ​CUSTOM REPORTS - Left Menu > Operations > Affordable GPR - Custom

  • Delinquency: Custom Receivable Aging Detail

    • Custom Reports > Reports (Dashboard Section) > Receivables > Custom Receivable Aging Detail​

  • Recertifications: Community Manager Dashboard and/or Custom AR Certification List (Inc Past Due)

    • Affordable Entire Set > Annual Certs Due for Ceritfications Past Due or Expiring within 120 Days

    • Affordable Entire Set > Incomplete Certs for Certifications started but not yet completed

    • Custom Reports > Compliance (Dashboard Section) > Custom AR Certification List (Inc Past Due)​​

  • Renewals: Community Manager Dashboard (Past Due or Expiring within 120 Days) and/or Lease Expirations

    • Affordable Entire Set > Resident Activity (for incomplete renewals)

    • Affordable Entire Set > Analytics > Residential Reports > Lease Expirations​

  • Lead Source:  Traffic Detail Report

    • Custom Reports > Analytics > Residential Reports > Traffic Detail Report​

  • Trend Report: Projected Occupancy

  • Affordable Entire Set > Analytics (Top Menu) > Residential Reports > Projected Occupancy

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