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Thank you for attending Katie's session! Below are links and resources to the ideas, products, or services shared in the session to help you step up your game. Attention: Katie Rigsby does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information or services offered by third-party websites linked through the site or any website or featured business.

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Session Handout

Products & Data


Security Upgrade

Countertop "Stone" Upgrade

Kitchen Faucet Upgrade

Lighting Upgrade

Accent Upgrade

Shower Upgrade

Closet Upgrade

Cabinet Lighting Upgrade

Window Upgrade

Bathroom Upgrade


Relaxation Amenity


Massage Services

Picnic Park Amenity

Bike Repair Amenity

DIY Services

EV Charging Amenity

Art or Hobby Amenity

Arcade Amenity

Serenity Garden Amenity

Storage Amenity

Laser Tag Park

Creating a Traffic Garden

Meal Service

Vacation Services

Grooming Services

Transportation Services

Money Management Services 

“Get Going” Service

Pet Services 

Wellness Services

More Resources

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